If you want to buy the strings directly from us, please email us at, we will provide you the updated price list.
Soon we will have a revamped website and also the possibility to buy directly from here, so keep tuned.
Velvet Strings  is making improvments on the Compas 180, the string will have a loop like all other Velvets to mount which will make mounting easier, also, we reformulated  the string which made the Compas stronger and able to have the wounded part of string around the tuning machines, all this while still keeping the famous Velvet sound loved by many players!


February 2012
Listen to our endorser Enrico Fagone on his new internationally acclaimed new cd .

March 2010
Velvet Strings just introduced a new set of strings in the Garbo family, the Velvet Garbo G Gut. 
Like it’s name says, the Garbo G  Gut has a high quality European made plain G Gut string.
The other 3 strings on the set are  Garbo Light D string and a regular Garbo A and E string.  Fat Garbo sound on the bottom with a gut old school touch on the upper strings.
Come try our new set at the MusikMesse in Frankfurt.

Velvet Strings will be this year at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt (24-27/03) at the Hall 3.1 on the  stand F85A (next to the Schertler stand).  You will have the chance to test our strings together with Schertler amplification, for an appointment please contact us!

March 09
CELLO STRINGS now available in 2 different  tensions, REGULAR and FORTE!

January 09
new website online! enjoy it... 

July 08
Velvet introduces the new BLUE-SET of Strings for Doublebass

June 07
NEW COMPAS 180 SUIT - Same manufacturing and material as Compas 180 but in a lower tension version. Compas 180 Suit are suitable to be played in orchestral and solo tuning.

January 07
NEW CELLO STRINGS !!! Velvet, famous for its double bass strings, now offers strings for cellos, a world novelty! The strings are made with a core of pure natural silk, an organic material very similar to gut that - thanks to an additional textile fibre and a slow winding process - rules out the gut’s tuning and longevity problems. The strings feature a tension similar to steel strings and a very fast and vibrant response with rich harmonics, strong bass and powerful projection. These strings undoubtedly enrich the Cellist’s performance.mailto:info@velvetstrings.comEnricoFagone.htmlcellostrings.htmlblue.htmlcompas.htmlcompas.htmlcellostrings.htmlshapeimage_4_link_0shapeimage_4_link_1shapeimage_4_link_2shapeimage_4_link_3shapeimage_4_link_4shapeimage_4_link_5shapeimage_4_link_6

For Double Bass and Cello amplification, Velvet recommends the use of Schertler equipment.